International Summit for Peace in Ukraine

Seminar and event center Catamaran Johann-Böhm-Platz 1, Vienna, Austria
Hybrid Hybrid Event

The Peace Summit will discuss the controversial questions related to the Russian-Ukrainian war, hear the voices of civil society representatives of the various NATO countries, as well as representatives from Russia and Ukraine who support the aims of the Peace Summit.

The Urgency of Disarmament: International Action To Prevent Nuclear Confrontations & War

Scandinavia House 58 Park Ave, New York, NY, United States
Hybrid Hybrid Event

The Treaty for Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons is a critically important vehicle in the struggle to prevent nuclear war and to create a nuclear weapons-free world. But it’s not enough! With the tectonic geopolitical changes and intensifying confrontations between great and lesser nuclear powers and proliferation pressures from Seoul to Tehran, and arms racing with nuclear “modernization”, cyber, AI, and […]