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Webinar: The Unfolding Catastrophe in Gaza and the Deepening Regional and Global Crisis

May 26 @ 8:30 am EDT

Virtual Event Virtual Event

A webinar organized by SHAPE (Saving Humanity and Planet Earth) is coming your way that will tackle head-on some of the most daunting challenges humanity faces at this time.

The horrific suffering of the Palestinian people has attracted much commentary and analysis, but are we any clearer today than we were six months ago about its underlying causes or its longer term ramifications?

What is it that connects the war in Gaza with so many other unprecedented crises: The war in Ukraine, deepening US-China tensions, a spiraling global arms race, the approaching climate catastrophe, and a seemingly endless succession of humanitarian crises?

The webinar brings together a diverse and uniquely equipped group of intellectuals and practitioners for a lively, thought-provoking, even provocative conversation.
Two special guests will make introductory presentations:

  • Susan Abulhawa, Palestinian writer. Author of the international bestselling novel, Mornings in Jenin; human rights advocate; founder of Playgrounds for Palestine; has visited Gaza since the beginning of the current war.
  • Ang Swee Chai, Orthopedic and trauma consultant surgeon at Royal London Hospital, author, and co-founder of Medical Aid for Palestinians; has worked as trauma and orthopedic consultant in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Right after, they will then engage in an extended in-depth conversation with SHAPE Co-Convenors

  • Richard Falk,Professor Emeritus of International Law at Princeton University. Prolific writer, recently co-authored Liberating the United Nations (with H. von Sponeck)
  • Chandra Muzaffar, President of the International Movement for a Just World (JUST). Commentator and author of over thirty books.
  • Joseph Camilleri, Professor Emeritus La Trobe University, Melbourne. Fellow of the Australian Academy of Social Sciences.
This session will be moderated by:
  • (Moderator) Penny Green Professor of Law and Globalisation at Queen Mary University, London; Founder & Director of  International State Crime Initiative (ISCI) and co-editor in Chief of the international Journal State Crime.

The conversation will address the hard, often neglected questions:

What are the underlying currents that help explain the war in Gaza?
What of the implications for global governance?
What do we make of the current impotence of the United Nations?
Are there creative ways of responding to this crisis?
Who has agency in framing and advancing such responses?

Do join us for this overdue conversation, together with others in your circle of friends and contacts.