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Webinar: Occupation, Encampment and Divestment on Campus: Students’ Voices Must Be Heard!

May 13 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EDT

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Student activists across the world are at the forefront of the fight to stop the indiscriminate killings of Palestinians in Gaza, and to demand our institutions to end their complicity in this ongoing genocide.

Massachusetts Peace Action’s upcoming webinar on May 13th will feature conversation and dialogue with students from Massachusetts universities, including University of Massachusetts Amherst, Smith College, Northeastern University, MIT, and others. Students’ voices must be heard, and this forum will provide a platform to student organizers leading the effort in protesting U.S. complicity in the genocide in Gaza and inform the broader public what they can do to support and move forward the students’ agenda.


Smith College: Smith College began their demonstrations against the Gaza invasion in October 2023 including demands for divestment, including specifically from local weapons manufacturer L3 Harris. Dissatisfied with the College’s response, the students occupied College Hall on March 27th.  After 2 weeks, they left the building occupation and have continued to hold events and protests on the campus lawn.



University of Massachusetts Amherst: UMass students began their active protest on October 27 with a sit-in in the Administration building with demands of divestment by the University.  57 students were arrested at that time.  The students mounted a first encampment that they dismantled peacefully but then as administration failed to negotiate with them, set up a 2nd encampment on May 7. This encampment was brutally torn down and 134 people were arrested by university, state, and town police despite a gathering of support of around 500 people.



Northeastern University: Northeastern University students joined the university encampment movement on Thursday, April 25th, setting up tents on Centennial quad on their Boston campus. By Saturday, the encampment had been raided and shut down by the police. Over 100 Northeastern students and allies were arrested and detained by campus and state police. Students then disrupted graduation ceremonies on campus, flourishing Palestinian flags and also disrupted the commencement ceremonies at Fenway Park with demands for divestment and an end to the war.



Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT students set up an encampment nearly two weeks ago, erecting tents in front of Kresge Auditorium. By the second day they were met by virulent protests from counter protesters, and within a few more days, MIT authorities had ordered them to take the encampment down by May 6th. Despite the deadline threatened by administration, they had put the encampment back up and remained there with support from both the surrounding community and students from a number of high schools who blocked Massachusetts Avenue, the main thoroughfare between Cambridge and Boston. Early on May 10th, police raided the encampment, dismantling the tents and arresting some of the students. MIT students have also faced suspension.