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This event has passed.

April Meeting: World Court of Human Rights Coalition

April 24 @ 11:00 am


The WCHR Coalition meets on the last Wednesday of the month at 11 am EDT / 3 pm UTC to discuss activities and actions of the Coalition and to hear from speakers who are experts on international law, coalition-building, human and environmental rights, and regional/global judicial systems.

The World Court of Human Rights Coalition is comprised of lawyers, practitioners, paralegals, advocates, academics, activists, and civil society organizations who support the creation of a World Court of Human Rights (WCHR). The WCHR will provide a venue for individuals and groups suffering from human and environmental rights violations to seek redress at the global level, when national and regional human rights regimes are non-existent, inadequate, or unable to provide meaningful and timely remedies.

This month, Melanie Nathan is the guest speaker.

Melanie Nathan will discuss her human rights advocacy and experiences in advancing justice for LGBTQI+ communities. She will consider how a future WCHR could help in her advocacy work, mention concerns she has about such a court, and what we can learn as a new Coalition from her engagement with civil society, non-governmental organizations, inter-governmental organizations, and other actors in the fields of human rights, international law, and international institutions.


  1. Brief Coalition Update: David G.
  2. Introduction of Melanie Nathan – David G.
  3. Melanie’s presentation – Melanie N.
  4. Questions and discussion – speaker and participants
  5. Next meeting – Wednesday, May 29

Please go to this link to participate.